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SeibertLink was founded in 1988 by Dr. Holger Seibert and Wolfgang Link. Since this time our offices have brought together ten Legal, Tax and Business Consultants, whose combined expertise fulfill the entire palette of legal service needs in the fields of Business and Tax consulting.

SeibertLink is a modern service and consulting provider, which distinguishes itself from others through a particular ethical connection unique for law and tax consultants.

SeibertLink advises and represents select conglomerate domestic and international companies. Yet, a predominant portion of our clients are mid- & large-sized companies and corporations, many of which with international interests, and/or seek counsel for their consulting, planning and formation needs regarding domestic or international business, commerce or tax law. We are also increasingly expanding our consultation services in the area of private wealth management. In which, a typical assignment involves providing solutions and long-term mentoring regarding inheritance and succession issues as well as holistic proprietary advising. Additionally, because of our experienced experts, we are trusted in such specialized fields as Criminal Tax, Banking and Investment law.

No matter whether your consultation, planning or business needs are situated in the business or personal sector, SeibertLink always emphasizes the interplay between generalists and specialists, and therefore offers the client comprehensive and competent full-service consultation. Similarly this applies to case conduct.

SeibertLink considers it important that the customer care of their lawyers and tax consultants includes “on location” visits in order to learn about the corporate structures and methodologies of the business. This understanding is particularly important in providing mid- & large-sized firms with a superior level of organizational and problem-solving consultation. SeibertLink’s employees have extensive international experience and work regularly in German, English and French. With our partnership in USA, Brasil, UK, France and Greece SeibertLink has representation throughout all of Europe and North America.

We are members of the following 
alliances and organizations:

  • Deutscher Juristentag
  • ARGE Steuerrecht im DAV
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erbrechtskunde
  • ARGE  Arbeitsrecht im DAV
  • ARGE Informationstechnologie im DAV
  • ARGE Bau- und Architektenrecht im DAV
  • ARGE Sanierungs- und Insolvenzrecht im DAV




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